Founder’s Statement

Creativity and ingenuity have fascinated me for as long as I can remember.  For nearly two decades I have been immersed in a field where tangible evidence of inspiration and creative vision often seem boundless.  My familiarity with creative processes that are artistic in nature enables me to understand the root of creative outcomes that are non-artistic in nature. 

I am a loyal champion of everyday creativity.  I believe we encounter examples of creativity each day that are worth acknowledging and rhapsodizing about: a new system devised to serve a client more effectively; an inspired lesson crafted by an educator to better inform a diverse student population; conceiving of (and implementing!) a new solution to address a difficult social challenge—to name just a few. 

Active participation in the creative arts has proven to develop the critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication skills needed to solve problems.  The focused attention central to creative engagement increases capacity for observation and reflection.  Opportunities to cultivate imagination and flexible thinking are present each time we engage in a creative act.  My first-hand knowledge of the invaluable lessons, skills, and habits of mind that result from creative participation serve as the catalyst for The Creative Practice

Our lives are enriched daily by the results of creative thinking.  I believe those who know the value of creative participation must be willing to serve as role models.  Please join me in providing additional avenues for creative engagement! 

                                                                                  Participate.  Create.