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The Creative Practice exists to activate individuals’ creative thinking skills .
Rooted in art and design traditions, The Creative Practice engages participants in skillfully designed exercises in order to develop the fundamentals of flexible and creative thinking. Unlike traditional art classes, which often focus on developing technique in a single medium, The Creative Practice emphasizes hybrid forms of creative play.


Creative engagement enlivens the mind and improves communication. 
By establishing a creative practice, individuals cultivate distinct habits of mind. These habits increase our ability to invent effective solutions to everyday problems, as well as our capacity to envision and communicate something entirely novel. Participating in The Creative Practice sharpens individuals’ creative thinking skills, the essential skills needed to solve problems and produce creative outcomes in every domain. 

The Creative Practice helps you leverage visual thinking methods as powerful communication tools.
Key benefits include: 

  • Collaboration  [visual artifacts externalize thoughts and ideas, making them visible to others]
  • Comprehension  [visual artifacts communicate ideas simply, so they are more easily understood]
  • Exploration  [visual artifacts help produce new ideas and increase creative output]